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Effects of Unresolved Trauma on Parenting

Every person is different. Every person has gone through a different life journey. Some people go through traumatic events in their lives that can affect them forever. It can lead to how they parent their own children. A parent’s experiences can have dramatic effects on their parenting behavior and children’s development.  A daughter could lose…

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How to Cultivate Positive Parent-Child Communication

Proper communication between you and your children are essential for a positive, healthy relationship. In addition, the way you and your partner converse with other members of the family can have an impact on your child’s development. Starting your children early with a good communication foundation will help as they get older. The good communication…

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Time Management for Busy Parents

Managing your time as an adult will always be a constant struggle, but being a parent and managing your time adds an extra weight. Being a parent and having a career will mean juggling two consuming and demanding jobs. I am going to share tips on how to organize your time and nurture a strong,…

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