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I want to take a moment to thank you for all the support you’ve shown me through my journey as an entrepreneur and as a divorced single Mommie.  You listen and observed the details to remind me that I am doing a great job in certain areas but needed to work on some core areas in my life.  Even after the coaching sessions I remained motivated and uplifted.  That shows me how encouraging your words really are. Most importantly, I saw progress in my career and my life. That’s everything to me! You’re passionate about your gift.  That passion ignites my purpose so I can continue to inspire myself, my babies and others. Thank you Dr. Edwards
– anonymous

Dr. Edwards has to be one of the most motivational people I know. She has an amazing spark that just rubs off on you. I can’t recall a time I have been in her company when I haven’t come away feeling pumped and raring to go. She is non-judgemental and her parenting advice is spot-on and insightful, and is seemingly effective– no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Dr. Edward’s advice just makes sense!!
– S.B.

I had the honor to be in the presence of a great woman at a women’s event. This young lady knows how to touch your inner being. She pulled out so much in me I never knew about myself. All I can say is this… her drive to empower women is impeccable and I am forever grateful for her and her words of encouragement
– J.W.

As a single parent of a young lady, there’s nothing more I’d love than to be considered mom of the year, but knowing that I fall very short of that title has left me feeling inadequate as a parent. I’ve always admired Dr. Edwards parenting style and was very excited to learn that she was offering her services as a parent coach. Dr. Edwards worked with my daughter and I helping me to understand what it is I wanted from myself and for my daughter and how to go about achieving those results. She worked with us to help build our communication and understanding for one another, which made for a better relationship between us.

Both my daughter and I loved seeing Dr. Edwards for our sessions, she made both of us feel comfortable in expressing ourselves and we were never made to feel any judgement . She has been a true blessing for me as I struggled to figure out the right things to do and say to motivate and inspire my daughter and let her know she is my priority. My daughter feels like she has an ally, someone she can talk to and help her understand her feelings and help her understand mine as well.
– anonymous

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